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重要更新 | 必益教育咨询部近期工作安排



重要更新 | 必益教育咨询部近期工作安排



Dear SA Parents,



BE Education update on service arrangements



I would like to start by wishing you a very prosperous and successful New Year. 



I do however understand that it is a worrying time for our families based in China as the uncertainty about the impact of the Coronavirus continues, and therefore I’d like to provide you with an update regarding the support that we are currently providing you.



The BE Education team, advisors, consultants and tutors will continue to provide you our services with as little change as possible, so that your child continues to receive all the support and value that our services provide.  However, in line with central and local government advice, there are areas that we must necessarily make changes. 


直到2020年2月29日 – 我们所有的培训中心将会保持关闭,不会提供任何线下培训课程。因此,若您还未做出课程调整,我建议您以线上方式接受授课。必益老师精通在线上提供互动性课程,有能力持续提高孩子的学术水平。

Until 29th February 2020 – all our tuition centres are required to be closed.  We will therefore not be offering any offline tuition.  Therefore, if you have not already made the change, I would advise you to continue with tuition classes as planned, but receive the tuition online with our tutors.  They are highly proficient at providing engaging lessons through this platform and will be able to continue the academic improvements that you have seen so far.


从2020年2月3日起 – 我们的顾问和学习顾问将远程工作提供他们的服务,以配合政府提出的预防措施。若情况好转,我们将第一时间恢复正常的工作方式。

From 3rd February 2020 – our consultants and study advisors may need to be working remotely to provide their services to you.  Due to necessary precautions set by the government to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, our staff will be following these measures.  As soon as the situation improves, our team will adapt quickly to provide services as usual.


常规更新通报 – 我们将向您不断更新中国以及海外学校的情况。

Regular updates – we will be providing you with regular updates as the situation changes both here in China and for schools abroad.



Many thanks


Edward Lowther


Managing Director, Study Abroad, BE Education





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